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Experts in renewable energy, biomass boilers, biomass energy, biomass heating & installations from domestic to industrial applications. 


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Why do we need renewable energy? 

Currently, most of the energy in the world comes from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas. This produces carbon dioxide and other gases that trap dangerous energy from the sun known as the greenhouse effect, it is responsible for global warming and climate change throughout the world. 

At Green Energy Engineering Ltd we are committed to providing green energy solutions that offer cleaner ways to deliver heat and energy. Our innovative renewable technologies support domestic, commercial and industrial sectors making substantial cost savings, return on investments. Operating more sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.


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About Us

With a highly motivated team complemented with a broad skills base. G.E.E. provide energy surveys, product system design, plumbing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

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Green Energy Engineering Ltd offer clients in the UK and globally a wide range of innovative green energy products to improve the way they generate heat and power, plus make massive cost savings for their business..

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G.E.E. has a skilled team of engineers, consultants and technicians who have the expertise to deliver all your biomass renewable energy design needs.



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