Propel Commercial Wood Pellet Boilers

Biomass Boiler Propel Commercial Wood pellet boiler range.propel 99kW wood pellet boiler



RHI Emissions Cert Propel 70kW

RHI Emissions Cert Propel 99kW

The wood pellet boilers (burning 6mm wood pellets) have been designed for heating of smaller buildings (e.g. domestic premises, and offices etc.) 
Introduced in March 2011 latest wood pellet boiler modulation technology 

safety features including:

1. Burn back protection,
2. External warning signal,
3. High limit cut off thermostat,
4. Frost protection,
5. Cycle burnout,
6. Overload cut off,
7. Emergency Stop Switch
8. Drive motor power protector 

Operational features include:

1. Automatic ash removal
2. Automatic ignition
3. Automatic baffle cleaning
4. Automatic burner grate cleaning
5. Fuel level sensor and refill control
6. Outside temperature compensation
7. Day and night compensation
8. Clock and daily on/off cycle timer
9. Multi heating circuit controls
10. DHW storage tank management
11. Full modulation burning control
12. Links to external management system
13. Internet connection and remote administration
14. Easy to use menu driven control panel
15. Specifically designed to burn wood pellets
16. Combustion flue gas sensors fitted
17. Maintains high efficiency accross modulation
18. No requirement for thermal storage tank (buffer)
19. 250kg capacity pellet hopper
20. 2 x 20lt external ash containers



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